1. drawingguitarist:

    Give your cat the  F L O A T I N G     J U D G E M E N T     B O X     to allow them to stare at your half finished work from afar

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  2. Bitch, don’t try me. I am Rihanna.

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    role model

    Retta is queen

    I can’t wait till Donna gets to have an actual romantic subplot that’s not just the punchline to a joke though.


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  5. dutchster:

    do celebrity pets know they’re pets of celebrities

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  6. i love stalking boys tumblrs, they’re always sex + weed + deep meaningful quotes + a fair amount of hot chicks, dogs and food

  7. 506pm:


    A compilation of Wes Anderson’s slow motion shots. 

    Margot getting off the green line bus is still the scene of my dreams 😚

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  8. condom:

    pissing people off should be a sport

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